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Auditing & Assurance Services

Blue Arrow CPA has been assisting Tribal Governments for over a decade, and we have acquired a comprehensive understanding of their operations, needs, and obligations. Through association with our roughly 180 tribal government entities, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of how their resources are essential to their day to day operations. We have worked with them on numerous occasions to assist them in growing their financial viability, ensuring a bright future for many years to come.

Tribal governments encounter numerous difficulties and challenges. In addition to enhancing the standards of living for tribal members and building financial stability, there is a requirement for maintaining compliance with federal rules and regulations. The professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA Inc. can assist you with implementing sound and effective systems of internal control, and assist with various duties like:

  • Appropriate financial strategies, procedures, and policies.
  • Financial management of Federal grants.
  • Preparation of Financial Statement Audit.

What Makes Us A Perfect Tribal Auditor

Our audits reflect the keen knowledge of the latest rules and requirements for internal controls to enhance your community and government. With deep-rooted expertise in Tribal Audits, Blue Arrow CPA has gained a comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of tribal organizations. Our extensive experience is rooted in the diverse entities that our firm audits, like schools, healthcare organizations, housing authorities, hospitality organizations, gaming enterprises, and other enterprises.

We have years of expertise in auditing various tribal governments and associations that have helped us understand what tribal organizations are looking for and how to deliver them the services in the most efficient manner. Our auditors use the latest audit technologies, approaches, and strategies. They are incredibly skilled in using these technological advancements that help them in completing the audits in the most effective manner possible. In addition to following a strong work ethic, we encourage our employees to think outside the box and go about their work in an innovative fashion, which can accomplish things done in a more precise, accurate, and productive manner.

We will convey our audit judgments back to your Tribal government to discuss both cost-saving approaches and other opportunities. We pledge not just to consult with your accounting, audit, finance, and governance teams, but also to discuss improving capabilities to address any other finance-related or accounting matters. We collect the data provided by your accounting team, scheduling arrangements for the audits, and creating your financial reports. Regardless of whether you are keeping track of your organization’s financial statements and bank reconciliations, or want more staff for audit preparation, we offer reliable audit services, all the while saving you time and unnecessary stress. When you select our skilled audit professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA, you get access to our vast resources, knowledge, and experience. We ensure a hassle-free, smooth, and expertly managed Tribal audit preparation process that will leave you happy and satisfied with our services.


Regardless of whether you are a tribal government, small or large tribal enterprise, we assure you will receive superior assistance and service satisfaction. You don't need to worry about any of the headaches of preparing for an audit; you only have to give us access to your records.


We are very much conscious about the deadlines our clients may have, and we offer to our client's timely service. We have never failed to meet any deadline or caused unnecessary delays in the performance of services. We know the value of time, and we try our best to deliver as soon as possible without waiting for deadlines to approach.


For over a decade, we have catered to tribal governments and other entities with our innovative and proven Tribal Audit Services. We have a professionally tested team of talented individuals and a proven track record of delivering exceptional service to our clients. Regardless of whether the business is a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise, we follow the same procedures and are consistent in our audit approach and philosophy. We are especially adept at auditing the financial statements, records, and financial entries of tribal entities. We are aware of relevant rules and regulations and guidelines to be followed while performing the tribal audits so that you can be confident about the quality of our services.


Choosing Blue Arrow CPA Inc. as your auditors will save you money, allowing you to direct free cash flows to other areas of your organization. Our audit fee is fixed and communicated in an open and upfront, transparent manner. We don't believe in working long hours inefficiently and billing excessive hours to run up fees. Instead, we use advanced technologies and expertly tested and performance-oriented audit software that enhances our auditors’ efficiency and makes our processes efficient and seamless.


Instead of following traditional audit approaches, our auditors utilize technologically advanced audit methodologies that ensure superior quality and accuracy of our work. We use software that integrates the latest technologies, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc., which enable us to automate some of our tasks that would otherwise require substantial work and effort. Using these technologies, we speed up and enhance the audit process so that we can perform our audit work of records as soon as possible with maximum efficiency and accuracy.


Our Tribal Audit Service methodology and processes are unique from other CPA firms. Whenever any customer approaches us, our first goal is to ensure adequate time is spent listening to their concerns and how we can address those concerns or needs. The only way to establish a reliable, secure, and stable relationship with a client long term is delivering quality, promptly, and providing satisfactory results. We are dedicated to focusing on delivering value for our clients to the maximum extent possible, and keeping our clients happy with the service they receive.

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