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Auditing & Assurance Services

Blue Arrow CPAs had the honor to serve the tribal government for over a decade and continues to assist the government with a team of highly experienced and resourceful professionals. Over the years, our team has gained an in-depth understanding of how a tribal government operates its needs and its obligations to the community.

We are ever so grateful for our association with 180 native governmental entities, which have earned us extensive knowledge regarding their resources and its necessity in everyday operations. With the experience, knowledge, and cooperation, we have helped the native community grow in financial viability and guarantee a bright future in years to come.

Tribal governments encounter challenges that are unique to them. Along with upgrading the lifestyles of the native population and improving financial stability, tribal governments have to fulfill the requirements of federal rules and regulations. At Blue Arrow CPAs Inc., you can receive the following assistance:

  • Help you implement an internal control system effectively.
  • Construct suitable financial strategies, procedures, and policies
  • Manage finance granted by the Fed.
  • Preparing in Financial Statement Audit.

What Makes Us A Perfect Tribal Auditor

Blue Arrow CPAs has gathered extensive expertise in Tribal Audits, through which our team now understands how the tribal organizations work and what it needs to operate more efficiently. We are always working to extend our understanding by working with schools, healthcare organizations, housing authorities, hospitality organizations, gaming enterprises, and other enterprises.

After working for so many years with the tribal governments, we know exactly what the organizations are looking for and how to deliver according to their need. Our auditors are always equipped with the latest auditing strategies, technologies, and approaches. They complete the audits in the shortest possible time in the most effective manner. Our employees are always encouraged to work creatively. As a result, our solutions are continuously improving and one of a kind.

We will report our audit judgment to the tribal government for further improvements and opportunities. Along with consulting with the teams involved, we discuss other accounting and financial professionals to improve our capabilities. We work with the data provided by your accounting team, and then we arrange schedules for the audits and create financial reports accordingly.

We promise to deliver our best work regardless of you keeping track of all of your organization's financial statements and bank reconciliations. We will be happy to offer further help regarding any audit services.


Regardless of our clients’ type, we treat every auditing project equally and ensure the best possible assistance and maximum satisfaction. As soon as you provide us the audit records, you can rest assured about your audit works.


We are well aware of the value of time. So we are committed to delivering our clients within the assigned time-frame. We start working on the client's project as soon as we receive the details and requirements. The project is divided into small parts and worked simultaneously to make sure we deliver the work before nearing the deadlines.


We have catered to tribal governments and other agencies through our creative and proven Tribal Audit Programs for over a decade. We have a thoroughly tested team of talented people with an established track record of supplying our customers with outstanding support. For organizations of all sizes, our audit methodology and theory is acceptable. We are highly adept at auditing tribal institutions' financial accounts and records.


Choosing Blue Arrow CPAs to save you money as your auditors help you direct free cash transfers to various parts of your business. Our audit fee is set and, to ensure transparency; correspondence is transparent and upfront. We don't believe in inefficiently working extra hours and billing unnecessary hours to run up fees. We use innovative tools and performance-oriented audit software instead, which improves the efficacy of our auditors.


We use technologically sophisticated audit methodologies instead of adopting conventional audit methods. We use applications that implement new technology, such as Deep Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc. This helps us to simplify some of our activities that would take considerable work and commitment otherwise. Using these tools, we accelerate and develop the audit process so that our audit work of documents can be carried out with optimum productivity as quickly as possible.


The methods and procedures of our Tribal Audit Service are what set us apart from other organizations. Whenever a customer contacts us, no matter how long it takes, we make sure that we completely appreciate their questions and needs. We assume that delivering value is the best way to create enduring partnerships with clients. To offer consistency, that's just what we, all the time, reflect on.

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