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Bookkeeping Services Provider, You Can Rely On

Blue Arrow CPA Inc. is a leading tribal bookkeeping service firm located in Southern California, which caters to clients across the US providing outsourced bookkeeping services. You can choose any of the wide range of plans we offer, as per your suitability, budget, and business needs. Your books and records are managed and organized in a stable method with high precision, attention to detail, and accuracy.

Bookkeeping services assist in keeping businesses functioning smoothly by maintaining daily accounting and other financial records. The bookkeepers record financial transactions and data like income, expenses, mortgages, and small funds. The responsibilities and duties of bookkeepers are somewhat different from accountants. Bookkeepers don't give any advice related to finances and records. Several accounting firms provide bookkeeping as a service, but some offer specialized assistance in managing bookkeeping services for tribal organizations. You can go for any of these options based on whether you want bookkeeping or accounting services as well. If you are looking about where to find a tribal bookkeeping firm, Blue Arrow CPA is the one-stop destination for you.

Usually, bookkeeping firms give an online gateway for customers to upload financial statements, books, records, and other necessary details, such as bills and receipts, to be processed. Bookkeepers usually use accounting software, databases, and spreadsheets, and may additionally provide companies with computerized access to their financial records. Often, the bookkeeping services are used by smaller tribal entities that may not be using the services of an accounting firm regularly.

What Makes Our Bookkeeping Services Unique

The professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA are trusted professionals and entrepreneurs at heart; we are very well known for addressing the challenges and needs of running a tribal enterprise. Our goal is to make bookkeeping more manageable for you. For this same reason, we here at Blue Arrow CPA serve a wide range of tribal clients, providing them reliable bookkeeping services. We established our company on the principle that our clients should feel confident about the level of service they receive.

Our goal is to minimize the anxiety and hassle of every day financial issues arising from your bookkeeping operation so that you will be able to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your business so that you can achieve success and fulfill your dreams. We also provide a customized review, consulting, and training that will help you satisfy the financial requirements for your organization and achieve your short term, as well as long term goals.

Bookkeeping services ensure your books, records, and financial statements are accurately documented and summarized, as per your business strategy.

Why Tribal & Native Americans Should Opt For Blue Arrow CPAs

At Blue Arrow CPA, we are dedicated to helping all types of tribal entities. We have a vast array of bookkeeping service plans; you can choose any one of these. We also offer individual, customized bookkeeping services to meet your unique financial needs.

The primary goal of our business is to allow you to have to spend less time on daily bookkeeping duties and empower you to focus on completing other tasks that can put your business on the path to success.

Over 40 percent of America's biggest companies enhance their productivity through accounting service providers or other outsourcing of their financial or bookkeeping operations.

Due to the technological advancements, this same option is now easily accessible for small tribal entities. Organizations using outsourced bookkeeping services are finding that outsourcing their overall accounting, bookkeeping, and the financial department to an outside agency saves expenses while freeing up more time to spend on other activities.

We provide all duties from essential bookkeeping to managing finances and operating the whole accounting department for your organization. We can accommodate everything you need to be handled when it comes to bookkeeping and manage your company without having to spend money on purchasing expensive accounting software.

We provide bookkeeping expertise, experience, abilities, and skills to offer financial administration control, payroll management, and bookkeeping services for all size tribal enterprises.

Our Tribal Bookkeeping Services Include:

Tribal Payroll Management.
Tribal Bookkeeping.
Tribal General Ledger Reconstruction or Reconciliation.

Selecting us as your bookkeeping service partner is advantageous because we concentrate all our efforts on:

Establishing trust with customers.
Saving costs for your company and recommending ways to improve profitability.
Ensuring compliance with relevant bookkeeping rules and regulations.
Ensuring compliance with financial reporting and tax obligations.

We provide a short turnaround time on providing accounting, bookkeeping, and business management services. The experts here at Blue Arrow CPA offer on-time, cost-effective, and personalized Tribal Bookkeeping Services.

What Makes Us An Ideal Tribal Bookkeeping Partner?


The team of our bookkeeping professionals is skilled and talented and more than qualified to manage your books, records, and bank statements ensuring they are accurate and error-free. We are confident in our skills and caliber and strive for excellence and perfection in the service we provide.


We are highly proficient in accounting and bookkeeping software such as Reckon, MYOB, Quickbooks, Saasu, Xero, and Payroll Premier. Along with all of these, we can proficiently produce superior results in any of the customized internally developed software you may have. We adhere to a high level of integrity and ethics, so you can rest assured and be confident once you have handed over your accounting responsibilities to us.


We are very flexible with our plans, strategies, and operations, as per what our clients are looking for. We always remain prepared to modify our procedures, as per the client’s business-specific needs. The thing that makes us perfect for choosing us as a bookkeeping partner is that we have already served numerous tribal entities. We are deeply familiar with the tribal rules, regulations, and bookkeeping standards, so you can rest assured you will receive superior and reliable service assistance.

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