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Partner Up With Professional Financial Statement Auditors

As part of any standard audit, we investigate the commercial transactions and financial records of an entity. The main objective of a financial statement audit is to obtain confidence as to whether a business’ financial statements are free from material misstatement. All of the financial statements are thoroughly reviewed to determine if they are compliant with financial reporting guidelines and accounting principles generally accepted in the US. At Blue Arrow CPA, each audit that is performed is subject to multiple layers of review and analysis by our experienced staff.

The best thing that makes our financial audit services superior is our unique service approach; we adhere to a 100% accuracy checklist that is followed until we are satisfied with the accuracy and correctness of the financial records. This review helps in finding any errors or irregularities. Errors or inconsistencies, if not resolved and addressed, can cause financial losses for an organization. A thorough review of the audit process is conveyed to any banks and stakeholders, which enhances their trustworthiness.

Financial Audit Services that we Offer

  • Evaluating the financial proceedings of a client
  • Validating if the financial records meet the regulatory framework of IRAS and ACRA
  • Assessing the correctness of the financial statement audit correctness of the client
  • Preparation of a client’s financial statements for an audit
  • Follow-up in the subsequent cycle of the accounting and auditing process
  • Conformity with applicable rules and regulations
  • Assistance and guidance with accounting treatment for complex accounting transactions
  • Guidance on implementing sound internal-controls and addressing deficiencies and flaws in the accounting process
  • Independent inspection of data and information that is required to be reported externally to outside/third parties
  • Financial reports of accountants

Experts You Can Collaborate With for Error-Free Audited Financial Statements

Blue Arrow CPA offers financial statement audit services for all of your books, financial records, and financial statements to stay in compliance with applicable financial reporting standards and accounting principles generally accepted in the United States.

We are qualified to review and audit your year-end financial records, accounts, and financial statements, as per US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). We can conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial statements quarterly as well as an annual basis.

A financial statement audit is the most critical and personalized service in this profession. Having the ability to cater to a broad array of specialized needs, and not just to ensure compliance with applicable financial reporting requirements is a hallmark of our firm. The processes for auditing include incorporated services that can contribute significantly to the operation of identifying errors and internal issues, rendering data, and complete details for auditors that help our customers actively deal with existing, as well as future challenges.

This package of audit services is an integral component of our combined service plan and is created to enhance financial value for our clients. The audit profession symbolizes for us a starting point for a client’s business, tax, legal, and consulting services.

The unique arrangement of the Blue Arrow CPA allows us to offer superior quality measures of financial statement audit services. Our firm’s philosophy centers on the idea that the audit is a vital process in classifying and identifying business risks and frauds. We continuously strive to analyze a comprehensive model of financial status, assets, liabilities, and clients’ sources of revenue. Our audit strategy is not restricted to the utilization of computerized data processing systems. As a result, we also rely heavily on our employees’ expertise and knowledge, who are dedicated to directing their efforts to drive success for our valued clients.

The financial statement audit is a highly complicated process, governed by a meticulous set of rules and regulations which can enhance the image, perception, and value of your organization. We appreciate the faith and confidence that our customers trust in us by assigning us the responsibilities of their financial statement audits.

What Makes Us a Perfect Financial Statement Audit Partner for You


No matter which service or product sector you are working for, our professional accountants and auditors have a wide range of experience, having worked in numerous industry sectors and organizations. We understand the very basic to advanced needs that each organization has and the optimal strategy that should be delivered to them. Thus, our auditing processes are tailor-made to meet the unique needs and demand an organization may have.


Instead of utilizing a generic and standard approach to audit your financial statements randomly, we perform extensive testing to obtain a complete picture of your financial infrastructure and then customize each of our audit processes to produce an optimal audit report, as per your business needs and budget. Each of our methods follows a multi-layered procedure. After our auditors' complete work, it is reviewed by someone in a management level position, and someone in a management level position also performs the second level of review.


We have a wide range of service plans that vary as per your business requirements, budget, annual total revenue, and timeframe in which you want the work to be done. You can choose any of the plans we offer, as we assure you the services we deliver will exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget range. We take very seriously our ability to provide quality services in a timely fashion, yet at an affordable and reasonable price.


We deliver guaranteed service satisfaction, which is evident in our 70% client retention rate and through our client referrals. We strive to audit our client’s financial statements with correctness and precision. Paying attention to detail to all phases of the audit process is the most significant factor that enhances success for our client’s businesses, and we follow this business philosophy to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

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