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Information Technology Audit and Compliance Services

Blue Arrow CPA Inc. is a technical security and compliance solutions provider. We are specialize in helping to secure businesses across a variety of industries navigate the scope and complexity of their specific audit and security assessment needs. Our goal of IT infrastructure assessment is to find out the vulnerable security breaches, and prepare the organization’s IT infrastructure for secure, reliable, and continuous service output. We evaluate IT utilization level of infrastructure and compliancy with the business goals of client organization. Our aim is to create a sustainable IT environment that can be properly founded, implemented, and maintained for now and the future.

Paperless Audit

Is your organization business operations flow paperless?

One of the keys to optimizing production process is capturing information at its root source. This means when data enters your firm it should be in a digital format. Paperless communication process reduces the risk of client’s vulnerable information leakage.

Cloud Services

Why move to the cloud?

The goal of cloud services is to provide an organization with a way to recover data and/or implement failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe. Cloud subordinate disaster recovery is a backup and restore strategy that involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in a cloud computing environment as a security measure.
Cloud services allow clients to upload their information and transfer it to you. Professional firms should already have a policy in place that no sensitive client information can be sent via email. Breaking the encryption on a password-protected PDF file is not very difficult. Having cloud portals can also lead to less paper, as providing a paper copy of document is no longer necessary.

Planned Annual IT Budgets

Have you planned IT budget?

Every firm must have a strategic budget plan for every financial year, and it should be updated, and implemented
at the start of the new financial year.

Centralized Scanning

How it boost operations speed of professionals?

To optimize scanning production, your administrative personnel need to be well trained on document organization and have a work space where employees can immediately review, organize, and save the resource document. Centralized scanning will process more paper, faster than any other method. Simply because it is a dedicated resource, centralized scanning can eat through the paper faster than other methods. Dedicated operators will learn the process better and become more efficient. Centralized scanners are more robust and are purpose designed for higher scan volumes which are common with centralized scanning procedures.

On-Site & Off-Site Data Backup

Is your organization data being backed up?

Is your organization data being backed up, verified and stored on-site & offsite on at least a daily basis and that at least one person from each department is knowledgeable on how to find and restore a file. Ensure that all media that is moved physically offsite is encrypted to be in compliance with your state’s cyber security laws.

Data Encryptions

Does anyone can read your data communication?

In today's world where much of our personal information and financial transactions are processed via the Internet, data encryption is an essential element for every business organisation. Any time that you send information across the Internet, it can be viewed by just about anyone that would want to see it. Encryption is the process of changing information in such a way as to make it unreadable by anyone except those possessing special knowledge (usually referred to as a "key") that allows them to change the information back to its original, readable form.

Cyber security

We live in an increasingly networked world, from personal banking to government infrastructure. Protecting those networks is no longer optional. Cyber risk is now firmly at the top of the international agenda as high-profile breaches raise fears that hack attacks and other security failures could endanger the global economy.

Cyber security refers to a range of concepts including the practice protecting an organization's information, networks, computer, and resources against attacks from security and computer attacks.

Disaster Recovery Plan

What’s your strategy to get recover from disaster?

To uplift from the state of disaster an organisation must have an impregnable disaster recovery plan. An inviolable recovery plan must include:
  • Site level redundancy
  • Device level redundancy
  • Link level redundancy
  • Storage level redundancy
  • Backup management
  • Virtual machine system snapshot
  • Replications System
  • Planned redundancy testing for each redundancy level

Remote Access Technology

Can your staff access the firm applications and data resources needed whenever and wherever they are?

Is your firm having appropriate remote access server for your staff to improve their productivity, flexibility, reduce their onsite dependency and sick days.

Firm Procedures Manuals Management

Are you having a well-managed documentation?

  • Does the organisation have a well organised and periodically updated Document retention policy?
  • Is firm’s document retention cycle and accountability for cleaning out obsolete files being evaluated?
Assessment of document management tool and procedure followed at client site. A CPA firm must have a document management tool to manage, save, and secure data source.

Training for Accounting, Audit & IT Services

IT audit and training should be done by an independent security consultant/network investigator who will review firewall, anti-virus, spam and physical security and whenever major changes are made to the firm’s infrastructure, and mandate annual cyber security training for all firm personnel.

Regular up-gradation of core software & IT infrastructures

Assessment should be done for standardize purchase of new computers and operating system for firm stability, and verify all workstations have adequate RAM to multiple monitors and applications.
Substantiation of the firm’s audit/ accounting applications feasibility on the current & upcoming operating system versions and procedures to update software/applications installed on organization’s workstations/servers should be scheduled on periodic basis.

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