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An Authorized Internal Auditor You Can Partner Up With

Blue Arrow CPA Inc. is a major Southern California based CPA organization. With our unique, creative internal audit solutions, we serve clients all over the country. We are always prepared to deliver the best solutions to your internal auditing concerns.

In the new age of technology and the internet, the audit committees and senior executives amid fierce rivalry are using the internal audit process as a way not just to assess efficiency but to increase value transfer across the whole enterprise. Here at Blue Arrow CPA, the team of specialists and practitioners supports you by leveraging sophisticated tools and systems to help companies evaluate their strategic activities and functions' productivity.

Blue Arrow CPAs devise a structure to satisfy customer-specific expectations, regardless of the type of business you work. We employ a hands-on approach, even though you have an internal accounting unit, and our associates are committed to the activities we conduct. We aid you in these fields with local services backed by a comprehensive network of experts:

  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit partnering
  • Internal controls & process advisory
  • Reviewing quality assurance practices
  • Audit committee advisory
  • Data analytics
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing

Constant technical developments are enabling transformations of business structures, fostering imagination, and improving productivity. We urge internal audit committees to be constructive advisors to senior management, allowing the committee to provide input on any risks involved.

What Makes Our Internal Audit Advisory Consulting Unique?

Here at Blue Arrow CPAs Inc., the advisors and consultants coordinate and maintain a full internal audit schedule that would use sophisticated financial methodologies to provide more effective and reliable use of capital. Areas of specialization include:

  • Communicating with the client to identify problem areas and variables;
  • Composition of the risk study of the potential problem regions;
  • Identifying and correctly scheduling audit tasks;
  • The timely execution of audits;
  • Determining method advancement areas and fixing ineptness;
  • Enhance the progress of procedures leading to stable administration.

In assisting management and the audit department in meeting various targets, well-structured and strategy-oriented internal audit roles play a crucial role. An internal audit done professionally will provide value through:

  • Focusing on risky environments by investing in risk assessment and implementing mechanisms of governance.
  • Assessing and proposing possibilities of process change.
  • Monitoring the implementation of operations for strategic management.
  • Evaluating alternatives to best practices and providing recommendations for improved efficacy.
  • Define itself as a corporate unit that is profitable. The approach must stick to and execute a pre-planned series of activities while establishing an internal audit feature.

The internal audit functions usually respond to instant operational requirements. Getting this internal audit feature in place allows for reviewing and resolving issues and concerns.

Why Internal Audit Outsourcing is a Good Practice

Hiring a full-time in-house auditor to look at their accounting reports and financial accounts is not necessarily feasible for organizations. It is actually more costly than our competent audit services. You earn better work and save money by outsourcing your internal audit duties.

To collectively analyze the reports and financial statements, our staff uses its depth of experience. You profit at a fair rate from a well developed and experienced team of audit practitioners.

Blue Arrow CPAs internal audit specialists have decades of experience handling and overseeing the audit activities of virtually all forms of organizations. You can be assured your finances are taken care of by entrusting us with the internal audit feature.

Internal Audit Services That We Offer


We work with your organization’s managers to set up an internal audit feature to achieve optimum precision, focusing on the best-suited procedural steps to be taken.

  • Assessment of a large variety of auditors.
  • Introduction of practitioners in the manufacturing and scientific sectors.
  • Acknowledgment of personalized mechanisms, instruments, and protocols for internal audit.
  • Budgets and expenditures enforcement.


This facilitates a fair and unbiased review of the existing internal audit functions, procedures, and strategies that are being applied, including:

  • Validating and clarifying customers ' preferences concerning internal audit facilities.
  • There are merit standards, having admission to current internal audit agreements, tools, strategies, and expertise.
  • Correspondence benchmarking for peer networks.
  • Classifying options to boost strengths and tactics.
  • Strengthen procedural plans to comply with the roles of internal audit and organizational priorities.


We have a comprehensive list of educational programs and courses through:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of the preparation criteria.
  • On-the-job or workshop setting preparation sessions are planned and given.


By applying our best approaches to market controls and procedures, we can increase the company's productivity.


Establish or enhance procedural and policy guides to improve the organization's internal controls.

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