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An Authorized Internal Auditor, You Can Partner Up With

Blue Arrow CPA Inc., is a leading CPA firm based in Southern California and is here to cater to clients around the US with innovative, out-of-the-box internal audit and advisory services. No matter what internal professional audit services you need, we are always ready to deliver you the best.

The audit committees and senior executives in the modern era of technology and the internet amid fierce competition are using the process of internal audit as a method not just to evaluate quality, but to enhance value flow across the whole business. The team of experts and professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA serves our valued clients by using advanced technologies and processes to assist organizations in assessing the productivity of their strategic operations and functions.

For small, mid-sized, and large corporations, similarly, we create suitable internal audit functions – from performing a meticulous risk evaluation of the business infrastructure to administration and reporting findings to the board of directors and other shareholders. Our practices are not only limited to identifying issues but getting involved with our client’s staff and management to approach challenging situations and installing proper controls in place.

Regardless of the type of industry, a client is working in; Blue Arrow CPAs formulate a framework exclusively agreed upon to satisfy customer-specific requirements. Even if an organization has an internal audit team, we employ a hands-on strategy, and our associates are dedicated to the operations we execute. With local resources supported by an extensive network of experts, our people help our clients' requirements in the areas listed below:

  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit partnering
  • Internal controls & process advisory
  • Reviewing quality assurance practices
  • Audit committee advisory
  • Data analytics
  • Ontinuous monitoring and auditing

Constant technological advancements are empowering transformations in enterprise models, encouraging innovation, enhancing efficiency and productivity. We encourage internal audit committees to be proactive consultants to senior administration, which allows the committee to remain at the top of these headways and provide a guide on any approaching risks.

What Makes Our Internal Audit Advisory | Consulting Unique?

The advisers and consultants here at Blue Arrow CPA Inc. organize and manage a complete internal audit schedule that will offer a more productive and efficient use of resources by utilizing prudent financial methodologies. Duties and responsibilities include but are not confined to the below:

  • Consulting with the client to recognize risk areas and factors;
  • Composing risk report of the possible regions of issues;
  • Identifying audit tasks and properly scheduling them;
  • Accomplishing audits promptly;
  • Determining fields of process advancement and addressing insufficiencies;
  • Improving value-added process advancement guidance leading to stable administration.

Well structured and strategy-oriented internal audit functions play an indispensable role in supporting the CEOs, management, and the audit department in accomplishing a wide range of goals. A professionally conducted internal audit can deliver value by:

  • Focusing on areas associated with risk by involvement in risk management and incorporate governance processes.
  • Assessing and suggesting process enhancement possibilities.
  • Observing the execution of strategic management activities.
  • Investigating best practices approaches and making suggestions for increased efficiency.
  • Establishing itself as a productive business unit. When creating an internal audit function, the strategy must adhere to and follow a pre-planned set of actions.

Usually, the internal audit functions react to instant procedural requirements. Having this internal audit function in place allows problems and issues to be examined and addressed.

Why Internal Audit Outsourcing is a Good Practice

It's not always practical or possible for organizations to hire a full-time in-house auditor to look after their financial records and financial statements. Hiring in-house professionals cost a lot, so as a cost-effective and reliable alternative, you can utilize our outsourced internal audit services. By outsourcing your internal audit responsibilities, you will surely save money, and you receive quality service at a reasonable cost.

Our firm has a team with varying levels of expertise, and they collectively look at your records and financial statements. As a whole, at an affordable cost, you are getting the benefits of a well-established and seasoned team of audit professionals.

The internal audit professionals here at our firm have decades of experience in handling and managing the audit operations of nearly all types of businesses. By entrusting us with the internal audit function, you are not only passing off the issues for us to resolve, but you can be confident that your financial records and statements will be examined with accuracy and correctness.

Internal Audit Services That We Offer


Operate with administrators in setting up an internal audit function depending on the best-suited procedural steps to be followed to achieve maximum accuracy and correctness.


Offers assistance to current internal audit functions or render wholly outsourced audit services with the primary goal of:

  • Admittance to a wide range of auditors.
  • Introduction to industrial and technical professionals.
  • Admittance to customized internal audit mechanisms, tools, and procedures.
  • Compliance with budgets and expenses.


Reviewing the quality assurance process/strategic performance allows for a fair and impartial review of your current internal audit function, approaches, and strategies that are implemented, including:

  • Validating and clarifying the expectations of stakeholders regarding the internal audit services.
  • Getting admittance to existing internal audit arrangements, resources, tactics, and abilities in light of value expectations.
  • Benchmarking corresponding to peer groups.
  • Classifying possibilities to enhance skills and approaches.
  • Strengthening procedural plans to align with internal audit functions and corporate objectives.


We offer an extensive array of training programs and courses by:

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of your training requirements.
  • Devising and providing on-the-job or classroom setting training sessions.


Support in reducing costs and improving operational effectiveness to enhance the competitiveness of the company by implementing our best approaches to business controls and processes.


Create or improve the manuals of procedures and policies to improve the internal controls of the organization.

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