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Accounting for School Districts

Blue Arrow CPA serves in K-12 local educational agency audits. We are one of the most efficient CPA firms, providing auditing services to school districts in a very cost effective manner. We serve small to large-size school districts across California and New Mexico.

Proposition 39 Financial and Performance Audits

Blue Arrow CPA has been conducting proposition 39 financial and performance audits since the law was first enacted in the year 2000. Our audits are conducted under Governmental Auditing Standards, and satisfy all requirements of the law. What sets our firm apart is our specially trained bond team of auditors. Our bond team knows how large construction programs should be managed, and the means for financing and accounting for the millions of dollars involved. We audit programs that range in size from a few million to over 100 million dollars. When requested we also have access to facilities experts and forensic specialists.

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