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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Audits are generally considered stressful events, but a lot of critical information can be gained from auditing and conducting financial exercises by maintaining accurate books of accounting. A business conducts internal and external audits for a variety of reasons. Both types of audits can help to pinpoint areas where a small business is lacking, that is –in internal controls, operational efficiency, or in regulatory compliance.

Having a better understanding of the financial position can benefit a small business in many ways. The benefits of conducting regular audits include improved interest rates, enhanced protection from underlying risks and legal liabilities, and access to more capital. An audit or financial review can also help a business owner to have a better understanding of how efficiently his business is being operated, along with in-detail knowledge of cash in-flow and out-flow and information about the assumed risk.

The Need of Small Business Audit

Due to industry guidelines and regulations of the government, it is obligatory for small businesses to undergo regular internal and external audits. Sometimes a small business is required to produce a positive audit opinion in order to secure a business loan. Other reasons for conducting an audit may include suspected fraud, operating inefficiencies, and employee theft. A clean audit opinion from a certified external auditor can help small businesses in gaining the confidence of investors, business partners, and customers.

BlueArrow CPAs Conducts Majorly Three Types of Audits for Small Business:

Financial Statement Audit

Financial Statement audit provides evenhanded assurance about the financial information of the business. The audit involves thorough testing of accounts and financial records, walkthroughs of adopted accounting processes, and in-detail analytical testing. Financial Statement Audit ensures that the organization is compliant with all governing body requirements.

Compliance Audit

A business with strict regulatory management systems should conduct Compliance audit regularly. Principally, a compliance audit is a process of reviewing and checking whether a business is in line with the correct regulations. In BlueArrow CPAs, our work is audit focused that comprises transaction testing and documented sampling techniques. We provide an attested report to our clients after thoroughly analyzing the compliance on the bases of submitted documents. We services include maintaining all the requisite certifications.

Financial Statement Review

Financial Statement Review assures that the business is following the right trajectory. The process helps the small business owners to locate areas that need improvement. Financial statement review can be beneficial to any department within a business.

What Makes Us a Perfect Small Business Accounting & Audit Partner?

Our Unique Approach

Our comprehensive auditing services provide a clear image of your business performance and potential. BlueArrow CPAs small business audit approach is based on the risk assessment of the business so that our efforts are focused on the areas of utmost significance or that have a great risk of errors.

Team’s Extensive Experience & High Standards of Services

Our team of financial professionals has a vast experience of working with a wide diversity of sectors, and this, together with a profound understanding of your business, can ensure that your small business audit is compliant with the standards of accounting. Our team maintains the highest standard of services that adds value to your business.

Implementation of Latest Technology & Robust Strategy

The team of auditors in BlueArrow CPAs conduct timely audits with supreme accuracy. By utilizing the cutting-edge technology, we perform most of our work remotely, ensuring our team’s greater efficiency along adopting cost savings approaches. Our professional team always strives to maintain the privacy and security of our client’s data.

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