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At Blue Arrow CPAs, we believe in bringing value through our work. As a Native American CPA firm, we are proud of our heritage and working heart and soul to give back to the community, honor it, and strive for perfection. Providing service with respect for the traditions, the autonomy of tribal authorities, their culture, and their intricacies made us a leading provider in cost-effective service accounting. Clients are our highest priority, and we do everything possible to meet your needs.

The highest standard is the only standard:

Our ten-year past was completely litigation-free. Never once has a regulatory body placed penalties on us after it became a registered public accounting company in the state of California. This is evidence of the standard of which we are at – and on which you can rely.

If talent works hard, it beats all.

Our team at Blue Arrow CPAs, entirely comprised of financial and accounting experts, is always prompt to provide services. We have built up an untiring working atmosphere to empower our team over the last decade to deliver the best support to our clients and stay up-to-date with any significant developments at the highest level.

We do things the right way.

We comply with all legal rules to ensure optimum protection for our customers, including the specifications on independence laid down in the updated American Yellow Book by the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO). Not only that, our entire audit is conducted according to Circular OMB A – 133(Uniform Guidance).

Principles over profit

Trust is everything for a business partnership, and therefore, we strive to maintain honestly in every sector. We decided to sustain our audit fees below the average sector for the absolute convenience of the customers.

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