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Blue Arrow Inc. is a "Native American Owned" CPA Firm. We are leading provider full-service accounting, audit, accounting, consulting, tax, and technology services. A precise and exact financial picture supports comprehensive decision-making. Ledgers and internal reports that accurately reflect the client's financial information help them to act decisively. Our accounting and audit services help the clients to assess how they collect, record, organize and report their financial information to ensure the offered services propose a holistic view of their business and enterprise.

We guide our clients through complex business challenges by understanding their needs, and bringing together the right team to address them. We focus to meet our client's needs wherever in the world they operate their business.

The extra-edges that makes us your unique strategic partner in growth of your business are:

Licensed to Practice:

We are a Certified Public Accounting firm duly licensed in the states of California.

Peer Review/ Quality Control:

Our firm's emphasis is in the quality of our work at Blue Arrow CPA has always been a hallmark of our principles.

We ensure client satisfaction attainment:

The firm has an impressive over a decade of history, free of major litigation, sanctions or restrictions imposed by professional organizations, regulatory authorities or other government institutions. By combining our expertise, knowledge and the energy of our staff, we ensure our every client receives close professional attention.


We meet the independence requirements of the revised Yellow Book (Government Auditing Standards) issued by the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO).

Our team stays up-to-date:

The firm encourages its members to participate in community activities as well as trade or industry associations to round out our involvement in our profession and community.
Our involvement in these activities assures that we are up-to-date with relevant information that will assist us in counseling and serving our clients in their unique and particular problems.

Experienced Professionals:

The members of our firm have accumulated over a decade of experience in public accounting. Our high standards services and specialized staff spell the difference between our outstanding performance and other accounting firms. We make sure that our professional team serves every client efficiently. We feel it is extremely essential to continually educate ourselves professionally to improve our technical expertise, financial knowledge, and service to our clients.

Audit Practice:

Blue Arrow CPA has a remarkable level of experience auditing in accordance with Circular OMB A- 133 (Uniform Guidance).

We are Cost-Effective:

Our audit fees are generally lower than other competing firms since we keep our overhead low; we follow a systematic audit & accounting approach, and we make extensive use of emerging technologies that allow us to provide our services efficiently.

We offer High-Quality Services:

An accounting firm is recognized for the quality of its services. Our CPA firm's reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our high standard of service quality and vast client base are the results of our commitment to excellence.

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