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Forensic Audit Services

Our team of forensic audit experts helps you identify any sign of fraud or embezzlement in time to minimize the damage. We also help you better deal with a fraud situation and recover.

A fraud foreseen is half avoided

A forensic audit is designed and done to prepare the clients for any unforeseen threat to the business operations, prospective frauds, or economic damages. The examination of an organization’s financial records to obtain the pieces of evidence and fend off any fraud in legal proceedings, it includes misappropriation of assets, cash embezzlement, financial statement fraud, extortion, etc.

A Safety Net by BlueArrow

Forensic audits requires in-depth professionalism and expertise that can be demanding at times, considering the volatile environment. Hire BlueArrow CPAs to help you out in reporting fraud, summarizing the evidence, and suggesting improvements in internal controls to prevent frauds in future.

Be off the danger

Our audit professionals are more than capable to serve Tribal Nations with forensic audits, investigations, support during court trials, and testimony as well as evidence collection. We ensure that a business’s internal control system stands tall in the face of a disaster. We shield you against a possible tragedy and help you recover successfully from any damages.

We plan an investigation to identify fraud, detect the loopholes and fraudulent persons, calculate any damage or loss associated with the fraud, and suggest measures to prevent such fraud in the future.

BlueArrow CPAs critical role in a lawsuit

Initial opening
Assistance in the evaluation of monetary claims
Scrutiny of documents
Preparation and review of critical information
Creating relevant reports
Providing damage models, settlement calculations
Backup strategies for bankruptcy
Reporting for losses
During deposition
Evaluation of opposing experts
Understanding of various opinions

Techniques for collecting evidence

Functional techniques of reconciliation and review of documents

Diagnostic procedures to compare trends over a time period or to get comparative data from different segments

Computer-assisted audit techniques can be used to identify fraud, analyze data, and test them to know the gaps which allowed the fraud to occur.

Be Safe with us

BlueArrow CPAs provides expert advisory on hundreds of legal matters. Our accredited auditors are present to help you with below mentioned diversity

Anti-corruption investigation
Due diligence
Measure risk
Strict Compliance
Improve decision-making
Legal technology

BlueArrow’s blanket of services

Internal Controls and Remedy Evaluation
Restoration and Review of Money Laundering
Damage Quantification
Complying with Regulatory Requirements
Assessment and Analysis of Whistleblower Imputation
Analysis of Financial Statements

BlueArrow CPAs has been very diligent and meticulous during the complete tenure of accounting services. Their knowledge and insights are commendable that have supported us very well to improve our ongoing operations. I believe that BlueArrow CPAs is especially cost-competitive and time efficient compared to its peers.


Jordan Knows Gun, Director of FinanceNorthern Cheyenne Tribe