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Hire Tribal Casino Auditor

Blue Arrow CPA Inc. is a CPA firm owned by a Native American partner. The firm is located in Southern California but provides services for the gaming industry across the US, including Casino Accounting, Consulting & Audit Services. We have a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in auditing numerous casinos and gaming industries.

Blue Arrow CPA Inc. specializes in fulfilling the accounting and auditing requirements of the casino and gaming industry. Blending our unique understanding of operations in the gaming sector and in-depth knowledge of the complexities of casinos, our years of expertise in detecting fraud enables us to offer an impeccable set of services expressly created to satisfy your industry-specific needs.

Since the day of our inception, around a decade ago, our mission is to deliver peace of mind to all our valued clients by providing high-quality, professionally tested, expertly reviewed accounting and auditing services for the casino and gaming industry. It's no easy thing to try and get into the weeds and wade through the actual statistics and audit numbers precisely to save the highest amount of money from being paid in the form of tax.

We are not here to simply bill our clients for services rendered; our objective and mission statement is to build lifetime relationships with our clients by offering them highly satisfactory and cost-effective services. The best thing about our Casino audit services that make us feel proud is that 70% of our overall customer base retains our services on an ongoing basis and are happy to give referrals from our past clients. This retention rate gives you a good idea of how satisfied our clients are with us and why we guarantee you that the services we deliver exceed what you are expecting.

Native American Gaming Audits

Blue Arrow CPA's gaming practice recognizes the specific issues that casinos are facing and possesses a specialized understanding of the administrative concerns that vary from one state to another state. Organizations working in the gaming industry usually have complicated issues that may vary by state; Blue Arrow strives to assist customers in navigating through the changes in tax rules and laws as they pertain to specific concerns.

Apart from standard casino accounting, consulting, and auditing services, Blue Arrow CPA has specifically broad expertise in offering superior tax filling and return services to the gaming industry. Our unique services comprise review and due diligence for meeting compliance, debt restructurings, identifying franchise revenues, and planning of international tax issues.

Native American | Tribal Audits that We offer to the Casino and Gaming Industry


It is challenging to locate professionals with the appropriate combination of interpersonal and technical expertise to provide services to the casino and gaming industry, particularly in smaller businesses. As well, generally, inter-tribal governments can impede the process. Our casino auditors can assist by either directly performing the internal audit function or working with your internal audit department to provide them with the necessary tools to achieve success.


The intricacies in a construction project can be challenging, with various levels of trades and contractors. The professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA can provide you with more flexibility and control over your construction costs, and our analytical schemes will identify and minimize various liability risks.


The greatest vulnerability to your processes is from within. Casinos are susceptible to the same fraud schemes as other businesses, such as collusion, payroll scams, kickbacks, etc.; however, they also face the further risk that exists due to the presence of vast amounts of cash that are handled daily. Our auditors have years of expertise in identifying whether fraud is taking place or not. We can make improvements or suggest controls to prevent or reduce the risk of theft to cash.



We instruct your representatives on how to recognize where a business is unprotected, plans to address any insufficiencies and tools to assist them in preventing or detecting fraud.

Internal Audit:

We provide guidance and instruction to your internal audit team on the best methods and techniques to perform testing to identify fraud and the most reliable approach to implement our recommendations and suggestions.


We guide your workers to complete all of the needed paperwork and functions to comply, as per applicable federal laws and regulations.


Blue Arrow CPA helps business owners keep track of the progress of their various projects and assists in forecasting the needs of cash flows that are needed to support managing their assets and funding settlements adequately.


One of the most reliable tools for preventing and detecting fraud is to perform periodic reviews of the parties with whom the company will be trading. This involves every single entity from workers to merchants and advisers. Blue Arrow CPA can assist in implementing the most efficient approaches for being able to perform these analyses on your own. Or we can offer you all these services with complete assurance to protect against the risk of loss from frauds and scams.

MICS/ TICS Testing

The Native American Gaming Commission needs yearly compliance testing with Least Internal Control Parameters. However, Blue Arrow CPA Inc. not only examines your acquisition, but our experts can also examine it a step further and use the outcomes to tailor and personalize your Tribal Internal Control Standards and training to alleviate the risk factors associated with your entity.


Title 31 compliance is among the highest areas of risk encountered by gaming processes. Blue Arrow CPA Inc. will assist you in updating or creating a strategy to ensure you are in compliance with the standards of government and instruct your employees to deal with these extremely complicated areas conveniently.

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