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Blue Arrow CPAs Inc. is a Native American partner-owned CPA company headquartered in Southern California but offers gaming services in the US, covering casino accounting, consultancy, and auditing. Our team includes many specialists with more than 20 years of auditing experience in many casinos and gaming sectors. You are guaranteed to be provided with top-notch service!

Blue Arrow CPAs Inc. will help you satisfy your specifications in this competitive industry while preparing your potential success. We will give our customers direct and detailed advice on the new sector trends, including such aspects as jackpot liabilities, loyalty and incentive schemes, rewards, and tribal gaming agencies. We have revised our audit practices to the most current standards and the auditors' latest audit skills and methods.

Gaming entails complicated legal and operational challenges that require management expertise. By combining our expert knowledge of gaming activities with comprehensive know-how of the casino's complications, our decades of fraud detection experience allow us to provide a perfect range of services specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

We've come to understand and collaborate with our tribal groups to preserve a balanced viewpoint on the history and decision-making processes. We look at each group's particular needs, context, and concerns if we endorse the operation of casinos, the tribal economic growth, or the regulation of gaming services. We also hold in-depth knowledge about the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and its associated laws.

We also take responsibility for our work and do not just leave afterward. Besides providing the best quality services for the lowest rate, we often check in with clients for any further query even after the service is done. It is possible to show in statistics – and we're proud to do so: 70% is how much we retain. On top of that, our past customers also refer to us new ones, proving that our philosophy works. It encourages us to work hard and to meet customer standards consistently daily.

Native American Gaming Audits

Blue Arrow CPAs gaming practice realizes the particular challenges plaguing casinos and knows to handle the procedural matters that differ between states effectively. Casino companies typically have complex issues that can vary according to state. Blue Arrow CPAs helps its customers in the application of evolving tax legislation.

Blue Arrow CPAs has good experience providing tax loading and returns facilities to the gaming industry, besides traditional casino accounting, consultancy, and audit services. Our specific services include analysis and proper research to meet compliance requirements, debt reorganization, business sales recognition, and international fiscal concerns preparation.

Services offered by Blue Arrow CPAs to the Casino and Gaming Industry:


We focus on improving appropriate audit control and training in providing audit and consulting services to Tribal Enterprise Funds, tribal gaming commissions, and casinos. Our trained staff provides tribes with a wide array of functions such as:

- Financial Statements Audits of Tribal Companies
- Audits of financial statements of Indian casino


The data requested by your auditors is organized and compiled by us; we generate audit plans and draft your financial statements. We will train you to alleviate tension and save time, whether you are behind the financial consolidations or without the additional personnel to train for an audit. You have exposure to our extensive expertise and services when you select our professional specialists. We promise a quick, hassle-free method of auditing that will manage your costs.


The challenge is to find experts with an appropriate mix of communication and technological skills to provide casino and gaming services to smaller companies. Inter-tribal governments may also obstruct the process. Our Casino Auditors may either conduct the Internal Audit explicitly or use them as the appropriate resources in your Internal Audit Department.

We include in-house audits that ensure conformity with the MICS of NIGC, completely externalized internal audits, collaborative agreements. Our experience provides guidance, risk analysis, contingent internal auditors/managers to fill job gaps, and establishment of best-practice rules and procedures. We can tailor our services to suit any budget.


Due to the different levels of companies and entrepreneurs, the dynamics of construction projects can be complicated. The experts at Blue Arrow CPAs will make your building costs more flexible and regulated, and our research systems will assess and mitigate different liability risks.


Everything adds up after measuring hours of employee salary, sick days, taxes, printing, and mailing pay stubs. Outsourcing saves money over the long term by opting for the necessary services at a fixed price.

Our Indian Gaming accounting expertise helps you trust the figures you have now to prepare for the future. Build a financial structure, remain on a budget and improve financial perspective to concentrate on your daily business and save resources.


Your activities are most vulnerable from inside. Casinos have the same kind of bribery as other firms, such as corruption, payroll scams, and payoffs, but they also face an increased risk of vast sums of cash being treated. Our auditors have several decades of work expertise with whether or not fraud exists. We may enhance or recommend action to avoid or decrease the risk of robbery.


To operate a casino business, you need to make immediate decisions, know where you are, where you were, and where you are going. From the beginning until the end, our casino service provider experts have vast experience. Our consultation team can assist, whether you open a casino for the first time, face a new issue, for example, finding yourself in a scenario that does not work or simply needs enhancement.


It's half the struggle to decide the target, but the path there is always the most severe difficulty. Our staff establishes policies and practices, establishes external and internal structures, and offers knowledgeable and competent guidance to help your casino expand.


Comprehending the rules is essential for safeguarding the money, maintaining gaming integrity, and reducing industrial risks. Even just reviewing the legislation creates uncertainty and lets us take advantage of our expertise and funds to help you realize all of that.



We teach your representatives how to identify the weak points of an undertaking, to fix any shortcomings and resources to help them discourage or detect fraud.


In compliance with relevant federal laws and regulations, we direct your employees through all necessary documentation and operations.


Blue Arrow CPAs supports business owners in controlling the development and predicting the cash flows required to handle their investments better and financing payments.


Compliance with Title 31 is one of the most significant risks associated with gaming. Blue Arrow CPAs Inc. helps you update or build a plan to ensure that you comply with government standards and instructions for your staff to deal correctly with any of these complex sectors. We conduct assessments and tests to determine consistency in Title 31 and assess a risk analysis specific to each casino.

MICS/ TICS Testing

The Native American Gaming Commission would require annual compliance tests with the minimum internal control criteria. Even so, Blue Arrow CPAs Inc. analyzes the purchase and may also evaluate and use the findings to customize the Tribal Internal Control Practices to mitigate the firm's risk factors.

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