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It is common these days that your network is being targeted every day. Hackers bombard it with advanced methods and malware infiltration. However, the protections are ready: our elite security personnel embraces cybersecurity in all. Stay safe with a company safety assessment!

Our extensive Security Assessment Services can assist you:
  • Preventing abuses of data confidentiality
  • Identify potentially sensitive areas for disclosure of information or compromise.
  • Unmask bugs and flaws in system access to confidential information

Blue Arrow CPAs is programmed to consider the level of use of IT. We want to verify managerial control and alignment with your concept inside the IT framework.

We put a deep focus on:
  • Data security
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Availability
  • Adequacy

IT risk assessment and management objectives.

  • Exact view of the present and close-to-future IT events
  • Final guidelines for IT-related risk management
  • Recognizing how to build on the capital invested in an existing IT internal control framework
  • Assimilation into the firm's corporate risk management frameworks

Our aim for an IT evaluation is to analyze the structures used to safeguard the organization's data. Detailed analysis of IT auditing process involves:

Digital Footprint

Digital footprint or digital shadow means the individual compilation of traceability of the web or computer networks, acts, interventions, and activities. This test identifies staff, systems, services, collaborations, and frameworks to recognize potentially sensitive knowledge areas.

External Network Penetration Test

The purpose of performing a risk assessment is to identify the limitations, how they can be used, and potential risks if an assailant succeeds. This "external hacker test" is carried out by our specialists to detect the device and network security issues.

Internal Network Penetration Test

An internal network pen test is conducted to determine the results of an intruder with preliminary access control. An internal network pen test may mimic insider risks, such as those that voluntarily or accidentally conduct harmful attacks. Our specialists will conduct the test to find and collect sensitive information about network weaknesses. They are going to be rogue personnel.

External Application Penetration Test

External penetration tests are a procedure that measures an organization's externally confronted properties. The researcher tries to access the private system by exploitable security found from assets in an external penetration test. Our security professionals will exploit the flaws and limitations of applications as disruptive individuals and gain unwanted access to classified information.

Internal Application Penetration Test

Internal penetration tests are intended to replicate an intruder's possibility of breaching the network of security systems. This test will take advantage of vulnerabilities and limitations in software and public access as a rogue agency, intentionally trying to circumvent restrictions to decide whether unlicensed access is feasible.

Social Engineering and Physical Assessment Test

A complete series of safety tests include evaluating social engineering and physical safety tests to develop the company's existing safety knowledge among its employees and to identify policy, procedural, compliance, and safety awareness gaps. Our experts undertake this test in different settings to determine access to facilities by unauthorized persons, including site visits, illegal users, or other activities.

Security Assessment Deliverables

  • Detailed inventory of assets for all related structures and procedures
  • A list of all risks reported for reported properties
  • With each threat – the probability, taking into consideration current measures
  • A complete evaluation of vulnerability
  • The business risk will be graded according to the scale chosen by management for any weakness found in the risk assessment.
  • Management summary and contribution targets
  • Comprehensive audit and vulnerability assessment approach
  • Results and solutions
  • Comprehensive future plans

Advanced Tools required for Advanced Threats

  • User behavior analytics
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Defensive Deception
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Ensure security awareness and training

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