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The process of internal audit is performed in a systematic way to compare the actual happening in your organization and the expected outputs of the operations.

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Brace Yourself Up

An internal audit is a proactive approach to identify your internal controls and prevent tribal organizations from fraud or embezzlement.

BlueArrow CPAs, the largest Native American Tribal CPA firm, solely focuses on improving your internal controls, presenting reliable financial statements, revealing the crucial facts, and providing the correct answers.

We serve the heritage of a Tribes with sound technical knowledge and support in internal audit services.

Streamlined Processes

BlueArrow CPAs carves your organization’s success path by introducing new efficient work standards and reducing the burden on your finance team. We also deliver training and education to know effectual reporting, the need for alteration in internal controls, how to communicate within the organization, and better comprehend accounting and reporting standards.

Our list of services includes:

Conduct an in-depth analysis of the preparation criteria.
Preparing manuals and policies as guidance to improve internal controls.

Be a Benchmark

Internal audit should not be overlooked by organizations just because it’s a complicated process and requires to be law-abiding. Rather It’s the best measure to gain meaningful insights into the financial structure of your organization and innovatively and setting benchmarks for the industry.

Our Suite of Services

Internal Audit function set-up is done to achieve optimum precision, focusing on the best-suited procedures to be integrated in your organization.

Reviewing quality assurance is done as an unbiased review of existing functions.
Assessment of the auditors is performed to find out the suitable audit engagement.
Acknowledging personalized mechanisms, instruments, and protocols for internal audit.
We track compliance with government regulations and Indian Gaming standards.
We highlight high-risk factors to design and implement a proactive approach and avert possible threats to the information.
Streamline Operations

We help tribal organizations streamline their internal operations and increase their overall efficiency.

BlueArrow CPAs has been very diligent and meticulous during the complete tenure of accounting services. Their knowledge and insights are commendable that have supported us very well to improve our ongoing operations. I believe that BlueArrow CPAs is especially cost-competitive and time efficient compared to its peers.


Jordan Knows Gun, Director of FinanceNorthern Cheyenne Tribe