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Hire Not for Profit (Non-Profit) Auditor

There is a lot to benefit from, ironically. We believe that a non-profit organization is essential since they offer essential resources, which are crucial for the Native American communities. That is why they're collaborating with Blue Arrow CPAs. We hope to help them concentrate on their goal by helping their leader. We're just a single phone call away. You can rely on our reliable and skilled facilities.

Our committed NFP team understands the organization's non-profit accounting, technology, and how to apply it. In these fields, we cherish supporting nonprofit organizations:


Blue Arrow CPAs currently represents various non-profit, community college foundations, schools, and education partner organizations. In handling reporting, budgeting, and most accounting tasks, we will support you.

Health & Human Services:

Our committed professionals are specialized in working with social welfare agencies, mostly under contract with the city, state, and Federal government. We can determine the program management results, including the laborious distribution of resources and staff time. For all organizations that invest more than $750,000 in federal funds, we also expertise in Federal compliance auditing under OMB Circular A-133 (Uniform Guidance).


Blue Arrow CPAs conducts regular evaluations of research and development-related non-profit organizations. We appreciate the complexities of contract negotiations and are dedicated to assisting with budgeting and controlling cost centers.

Arts & Culture:

By helping them keep their books straight and develop the technical presence to draw sufficient patrons, Blue Arrow CPAs supports arts and cultural organizations.

We include financial audits, audits of compliance, accounting and analysis services, tax preparation for Form 990, and consultancy. We are honored to serve you all year round.

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