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Not for Profits

The efforts of our internal audit professionals are fully inclined to making the accounts, records, and statements compliant to the procedures and policies to adhere.

Move your Mission forward

Not-for-profit organizations are the patrons of tribal communities and work in diverse fields like education, health & humans, culture, and other. We understand their efforts and intricacies of a non-profit entity and their accountability toward the donors and the communities. A Non-profit organization is totally engrossed in its mission of alleviating the social conditions of marginalized communities.

Accuracy Assured

Nonprofit organizations have unique accounting requirements that differ from for-profit businesses and that require specialized accounting services and expertise for nonprofit entities. With years of experience in serving nonprofit organizations we make sure their finances are accurate and updated as per the law.

Managed Grants

Many nonprofit organizations rely on grants to fund their operations. We assist them in managing the grant application process, tracking grant funds, and ensuring that grant requirements are met. Besides grants, Nonprofits depend on the generosity of their donors, and it is essential to track donor contributions accurately.

Consistent Compliance

Not-for-profit organizations are exempted from taxes under IRS, but maintaining the tax-exempt status and public charity status takes work to crack. Multiple regulations have to be met to maintain the status if you are running a Nonprofit organization.

We can help them navigate these regulations and ensure that they remain in compliance.


Education is important for the development of the tribal communities, we help manage your accounts while you can focus on your mission of empowering the youth. Blue Arrow CPAs has vast experience in serving various non-profit, community college foundations, schools, and education partner organizations.

Health & Human Services

Nonprofit who provide humanitarian and healthcare relief programs worldwide face a unique set of challenges in financial operations. Our committed professionals know the operational difficulties that these organizations face and provide exceptional services to social healthcare and welfare agencies.

Arts & Culture

Our rich culture is abundant with traditional tribal art of Indian tribes, which needs to be protected and conservated. Blue Arrow CPAs supports these organizations to patronize traditional artists and their ancient art with technical presence.

BlueArrow CPAs has been very diligent and meticulous during the complete tenure of accounting services. Their knowledge and insights are commendable that have supported us very well to improve our ongoing operations. I believe that BlueArrow CPAs is especially cost-competitive and time efficient compared to its peers.


Jordan Knows Gun, Director of FinanceNorthern Cheyenne Tribe