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A Perfect Audit Service Partner for Tribal Housing Authorities

Blue Arrow CPA is a leading CPA firm based in Southern California. For several years, we have been offering tribal housing authorities with superior accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation and return services. With ever-changing rules and regulations, the expectations and demands of tribal housing authorities have changed. For dealing with all of these changing requirements, these housing authorities rely on experienced and skilled accountants, bookkeepers, and tax consultants. There are numerous accountants and bookkeepers offering services, but the most challenging thing is to distinguish whether they best fit your needs and are compatible with your organization.

Blue Arrow CPA is an established CPA firm for tribal housing authorities. We are very well aware of NAHASDA rules and regulations, along with other federal guidelines and standards that need to be followed while managing the books and records of tribal housing authorities. We also have vast expertise in helping our clients implement the obligations of GASB 34 reporting for these tribal entities.

Regardless of whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large scale, we have a vast range of service plans to satisfy your accounting, bookkeeping, and audit service needs. You can choose any of the service plans as per your business-specific requirements and needs. No matter what service plan you want, the one thing that you can rest assured you will receive is high customer satisfaction and the level of service we offer.

We provide a wide range of accounting services, bookkeeping, document control, financial management, and operational analysis. We identify and make use of online accounting software and document management applications that integrate seamlessly with your organization.

Blue Arrow is an accounting firm that utilizes both cloud-based as well as in-house software for serving tribal housing authorities. Our procedures provide you confidence and certainty that your accounting, bookkeeping, and audit services are accurately performed, as per your varying business needs. Based on our planning phase, we craft customized business solutions and strategies to be supported. We are committed to improving your organization to optimize the available resources and assets while ensuring to help you achieve your long term goals.

We know that commencing a new enterprise or project needs a large amount of energy, assets, and efforts. You can put your trust in us; we offer competitive pricing for our clients.

Services That We Offer To Tribal Housing Authorities

Fulfilling Your Requirements

  • Accounting Services.
  • Bookkeeping Services.
  • Tax Preparation, Return, and Filling Services.
  • Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Reporting.
  • Budget Monitoring.
  • Regulatory Filings and Preparation.
  • Designing an Accounting System.
  • Specialized Accounting and Reporting.
  • Statistical Report Preparation and Checking.
  • Yearly Financial Statement Preparation.
  • Chief Financial Officer Services.
  • Tax Return Preparation and Audit.
  • Tax Accounting and Bookkeeping for Prior Periods.
  • Online Bookkeeping.

One-Stop Destination for Tribal Accounting & Audit Service Needs

You may want to keep an eye on the daily financial data of your organization. You require assurance that your accounting and bookkeeping functions are updated and comply with applicable requirements, but staying on top of these requirements can be stressful and time-consuming. You may also require support in the management of your financial infrastructure to assist in finding solutions to numerous issues associated with accounting, bookkeeping, audit, and tax.

The accounting and bookkeeping practices of Blue Arrow CPA offer superior-quality services. Our team of experts helps you in finding proper accounting solutions and provides you with up-to-date financial data and other relevant information. Our professionals hold EQF level 5 or 6 certifications in accounting and undergo constant training in emerging issues and trends associated with accounting and bookkeeping.

Fulfilling Your Requirements

  • We provide an extensive array of services specifically tailored to satisfy the requirements of your business.
  • Your financial information and related accounting information is kept secure, maintaining the confidentiality of your information.
  • We assist you in creating reports, perform tax accounting, and provide recommendations and guidance while dealing with a wide range of issues in your accounting system.
  • Apart from traditional accounting and bookkeeping services, we also provide advanced Smartphone applications and innovative cloud solutions for e-service and receipt processing.

What Makes Us A Perfect Tribal Housing Authorities Audit Service Partner


The team of professionals here at Blue Arrow CPA has decades of practical experience working with the finances, books, and financial statements of various tribal housing authorities. So you can rest assured that your accounts and records will be managed with superior care and diligence.


It can be a daunting task to decide whom to choose as your accounting, bookkeeping, and audit service provider. Even a single mistake can harm your financial infrastructure; Blue Arrow CPA is a group of experts you can rely upon.


We are confident about delivering highly productive and cost-effective services to tribal housing authorities. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service to our clients and building long term relationships with them.

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