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Strengthening Tribal Communities

BlueArrow CPAs is proud to serve Tribal Housing Authorities with our specialization services in accounting and audit. We have the upper hand in serving tribes with our team of experienced professionals we ensure your finances are accurate and managed.

Putting Everything in Order

Managing a housing authority is challenging considering its financial structures and ever-changing regulations and programs. Auditing housing authorities is a highly specialized process, and we at BlueArrow CPAs have vast experience and expertise to deliver quality-driven audit services to housing authorities. Tribal Housing Authorities operate under the pressing regulations in the industry, which are continually. Another factor adding to the complex nature of these audits is that they routinely have multiple reporting sub-entities.

Our sole focus is to assist tribal housing authorities to overcome their complex financial structures and regulations issues.

Absolute Assistance

BlueArrow CPAs leads the way as the largest Native American CPAs firm. We effortfully help tribal housing authority to create prosperous communities and expand affordable housing opportunities for Native Americans. Housing Authorities are responsible for various housing-related services, including building and maintaining homes, providing rental assistance, and assisting with home repairs.

Our trusted services

Accurate and timely accounting
Housing Tax Credit Accounting and Tax Return Preparation
Grants Management and Fund Accounting
Financial Reporting
Credible Financial Audits by well-equipped auditors
Compliance with law
Audit & Assurance
Implementing effective organizational structure

Improving the life’s of Tribes

Tribal Housing authorities utilize the NAHASDA to improve the opportunities for housing for tribes and their communities. Tribal housing authorities must comply with the finance, environment, and other requirements. The funds made available from NAHASDA are used in the best manner possible to develop new housing projects. Housing Authorities often face unique challenges which are the remote locations of many reservations, limited access to funding, and the need to comply with federal regulations while respecting tribal sovereignty.

Tribal Housing Authorities play a critical role in improving the living conditions of Native Americans on reservations and supporting the economic development of tribal communities.

Enriching Tribes

We seek opportunities to share our knowledge to help housing authorities remain up-to-date with accounting and financial management requirements.